How it works

It's simple

1. A visitor to your website highlights some text.

Step 1

2. Box with links (defined by you) pops up.

Step 2

3. Visitor clicks a link and a new window opens with that website (sometimes making you money).

Step 3

What you do

All you need to do is place a small amount of code in your webpage and LinkZu makes your web pages come alive by allowing your visitors to highlight any piece of text on your webapge and providing a popup box with related links defined by you. It makes for quick searches of highlighted text in search engines, dictionaries, movie quotes databases and many more. You can define your own links or choose from our database of links. You can also customize the color and style of LinkZu to match your website.

Customize your style! Customize your links!

Example 3     Example 3

Works Anywhere, For Anyone

All Browsers

The best thing about LinkZu is that your visitors do not need to download any extra software to use LinkZu. Just visiting your web page with one of the browsers mentioned is enough to take advantage of LinkZu. Tested and compatible with all major browsers (IE, Mozilla, Safari, Opera, Konqurer). LinkZu is completely platform independent and can run on any operating system that uses the web browsers mentioned above.

Make you web pages come alive with LinkZu.

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